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Post-Racial America

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George ZimmermanI love the idea of living in a post-racial America but it’s pretty clear we’re not there quite yet.  Strangely enough, it won’t be the fault of the “racists” on the supposed right;  blame should rest squarely at the feet of the fear-mongering left.  Consider this gem regarding the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Let’s start with the supposed “facts” and then consider the conclusions we can draw from this tragedy:

Fact #1 – George Zimmerman is “white.”  FALSE.  If Barack Obama is black (one black parent and one white parent) then George Zimmerman is Hispanic (one hispanic parent and one white parent).  Unless we’re going to start classifying people based on their skin hue, the only other option racial profiling based on names (Will Smith is white and Peakaboo Street is black).  I’m not comfortable with either.

Fact #2 – Trayvon Martin was a “good kid” with good grades.  FALSE.  Trayvon Martin was probably cheerful and kind to his family and friends.  Most people are.  However, the fact that the prosecution convinced the judge to bar evidence of his character makes one wonder what there was to hide.  The media is trying to make Trayvon out to be Hadiya Pendleton, the 15-year-old Honor Student who performed at the Obama inauguration in January and was shot in a seemingly random killing in Chicago a week later.  Trayvon is not Hadiya Pendleton.  Trayvon Martin skipped school, got in fights, did drugs, and portrayed himself as a thug (including with handgun references) on social media.  A simple google search turns up most of the evidence not allowed at trial.  It’s quite a list.

Fact #3 – George Zimmerman outweighted Trayvon Martin by 100 lbs.  TRUE.  Finally, some truth.  Unfortunately, George Zimmerman is 5’9″ and Trayvon Martin was 6’2″.  Further, George Zimmerman was 100 lbs heavier because he was (and is) overweight.  Anyone in their right mind would put money on a younger, taller, more athletic fighter in the ring.  It’s also an accepted fact that in the ensuing scuffle, Trayvon was on top.  Weight only helps in a fight if you’re on top.  It’s actually a disadvantage for an out-of-shape fat guy to be on the bottom.

Fact #4 – The losses of both Hadiya Pendelton and Trayvon Martin are tragedies.  TRUE.  But they’re not alone.  The millions of poor decisions that lead to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths each year are all a tragic part of life.  People make bad choices.  If George Zimmerman hadn’t been overzealous, Trayvon would still be alive.  If Trayvon hadn’t confronted the guy following him, he’d still be alive.  Gang violence in Los Angeles and Chicago, war in the Middle East, and the epidemic of drunk driving are just some of our problems.

Conclusion – We all have the freedom to draw our own conclusions from the George Zimmerman murder trial.  Some will choose the path of fear-mongering (“Step right up, get your racial tensions here!”), some will choose the path of racism, and some will ignore skin color and focus on the tragic loss of Trayvon and collateral damage to the Martin and Zimmerman families.  I dream of a day when most Americans find themselves in the third group.  Only then will we achieve a “post-racial” America.


Written by floridaconservative

July 12, 2013 at 12:00 PM

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