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Through the Looking Glass

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Holy, twisted, rusted metal, Batman!  We’ve followed Alice through the rabbit hole.  According to this article on thinkprogress.com, President Obama created more jobs than President Bush.  Even more impressive, President Obama created more jobs in ONE YEAR than President Bush did in eight years.  If you only have a kindergarten education or just think like a six-year-old, that’s all that matters.  For everyone else, read on.

Let me get this straight:  It’s OK to pick and choose statistics as long as they prove your point?  Can they be intentionally misleading?  Got it.  Then how about the fact that President Bush created over 2,000,000 jobs in 2006 while President Obama destroyed over 3,200,000 jobs in 2009?  That’s a 5,200,000 job swing.  If you’re going to use facts to create an illogical argument, I guess you need to be prepared to have them blasted apart by anyone with a clue.

The real problem here is the misguided willingness to oversimplify things.  The chart provided by Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)’s office, so I can’t imagine that there could be any sort of hidden agenda.  She doesn’t have any sort of vested interest, right?  If we’re not sure, let’s investigate a little and see what nuggets we find. 

(1) Are the numbers accurate?  Investigating the source data at www.bls.gov will answer that one.

(2) Does the chart show every period in question?  No.  It’s strangely missing the first 83 months of Bush’s Presidency.  Might there be something lurking there?

(3) Is there a comparison problem?  That could be the case if one data series is exceptionally positive or negative.  In this case, is it fair to compare Obama’s best year to anything other than Bush’s best year?  Would it be appropriate to compare first year to first year, second year to second year, etc.?

(4)  Are there other factors that could explain key differences?  For example, did President Obama experience a world-changing terrorist attack eight months into his presidency that caused a minor recession?  If so, would that be fair to include in the data set? 

(5) Finally, are we even having the right discussion?  In this case, do Presidents really “create” jobs?  They love to claim that they do, but it’s actually private enterprise that creates sustainable jobs.  Government’s role is to create the proper environment (patent laws, employment laws, fair court rulings, police protection, etc.) that enable private enterprises to invest their hard-earned dollars in the hope of making more.  According to my 7th Grade Civics class, lawmaking is a CONGRESSIONAL duty.  The Executive branch is supposed to be more focused on eroding personal liberty.  Wait, I don’t remember that part at all…


Written by floridaconservative

January 26, 2012 at 1:30 PM

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