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My First Angry Post

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I usually do not post when I’m angry.  In fact, lately I do not post (I was busy, I was tired, insert other lame excuse here, etc.).  However, after noticing an interesting discussion on Facebook this morning, I had to weigh in.  Just in case you miss it below, I’m furious right now.

The blog post found at http://coyoteclan.com/blog/on-the-page/the-moment-i-became-a-feminist-2 was written by a horrible human being.  That’s clearly my opinion, but this is also one of those rare instances where opinion and fact are one and the same.  Not only does the author hide behind a screenname and an agreement to secrecy, but he/she also attempts to glorify irresponsibility and murder in the name of “progress.”

The basic premise is that women should live in complete freedom from the consequence of their actions while unnamed men fiendishly attempt to take women’s indisputable rights.  Further, it is repeatedly claimed that abortions aren’t a big deal anymore.  It’s family planning and taking care of the poor that progressives are truly after while dishonest conservatives are getting in the way.  Bullcrap.

Consider the following:

Fact:  Progressives claim to be the champions of African Americans. 

Fact swept under the rug:  The MAJORITY of abortions are unborn black babies. 

Fact that is rarely considered:  The next great black leader has probably been aborted.

Now consider the following:

Fact:  Progressives champion women’s rights.

Fact swept under the rug:  The MAJORITY of all abortions are baby girls.

Fact that is rarely considered:  Women are not (yet) allowed to end the life of a toddler because the child is negatively affecting the woman’s social life (sexual or otherwise).

But wait, there’s more:

Fact:  Progressives condone abortion, even though the baby’s only crime was conception in which it played no thoughtful part.

Fact not frequently shared:  Progressives condemn capital punishment, even though the perpetrators crime might have been killing infants.

Fact that is rarely considered:  Shouldn’t “progress” somehow benefit mankind?

And finally, the real crux of the issue:

Fact:  No woman has ever endured an abortion without first becoming pregnant.

Fact swept under the rug:  Very few women have ever become pregnant without first engaging in sexual intercourse (the whole Christian world celebrates the only one of which I’m aware each December).

Fact that is rarely considered:  Abortion is not the choice.  Unprotected, irresponsible sex is the choice.  Abortion is the irresponsible follow-up contingent on the first.


While not clearly stated, this entire post has centered around a basic premise:  feminists are both illogical and irresponsible.  Because I’m not a big fan of pointing out problems without proposing a workable solution, here’s a quick attempt at a logical one:

1) Men and women are equal in the eyes of the law.

2) If a woman becomes pregnant as the result of consensual sex, both the father and mother will remain equal in the eyes of the law.

3) If the father and mother agree and sign the necessary paperwork at the local courthouse, they may abort the baby (please note that I do NOT like this as part of the solution).

4) If the mother relinquishes her rights to the child, the father will become the sole guardian at birth.  The mother will still be required to give birth to the child and will be prosecuted if she is shown to have injured the child in any way (e.g. alcohol while pregnant, skipping doctor appointments, etc.)

5) If the father relinquishes his rights to the child, the mother will become the sole guardian at birth.  The father will NOT be responsible for child support nor any assistance to the mother.

Imagine the result:  Parents talking with their daughters about the new danger of out-of-wedlock intercourse.  Teenagers discussing the pitfalls of prom night in the hallway at school.  Young adults making GOOD DECISIONS.  Equal rights for fathers would be great, too, but it’s such a taboo topic that I’ll relegate it to ancillary status.

Before publishing this lengthy rant, I should mention the picture at the top of the post.  That little boy was a choice.  My choice.  His mother and I love our son and his older sister (not pictured).  I just keep praying that love will remain stronger than selfishness.


Written by floridaconservative

April 11, 2011 at 1:00 PM

Posted in Abortion

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