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The Beginning

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As the Chinese proverb states, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.”  I’ve been thinking for a long time about starting a political blog, and I guess now is the time.  At the very least I’d like to try it to see how it goes!

Since this is the very first post, I’d like introduce myself and outline my general philosophy. I was born in Orlando, Florida in 1981 and have recently returned to raise my family here.  My wife Jennifer, our daughter Lindsey (2 years), and our son Ryan (4 months) are pretty excited to be here, too, even though all four of us were born in different states.  While we already love Florida, I must admit that we’re the opposite of General Robert E. Lee:  we’re Americans first and Floridians second.  It’s probably also important to know that I’m a recent MBA from a pretty decent school back West, so this blog will likely take on a very analytical flavor at times.

Philosophically, I’m a conservative who is occasionally at odds with the Republican party, so I’m more likely to describe myself as a conservative independent than a Republican.  In order to have a voice in primary elections, however, I always check the “Republican” box on voter registration forms.

My reasons for starting this blog are many, but the most important are to coherently outline what I actually believe (I’ve never done that before), invite valuable criticism that will force me to reevaluate my positions on pressing issues, and share my personal thoughts on interesting news stories.  This blog may never be as awesome as realclearpolitics.com, drudgereport.com, or townhall.com, but that doesn’t mean I won’t give it my best shot!

Please feel free to leave comments with your thoughts, questions, and suggestions.  I’d love to hear from you (including how you found me)!!!


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July 17, 2010 at 7:30 PM

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